Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Aquarian.

My zodiac coffee mug says i am..

stubborn(thats outrageous.i refuse to accept that!)

Societal(i should start going out n see how correct that is.)

Mental poise( my friends always forgot the 'poise' part)

Opinionated (am I?what u say?)

Unconventional(if i say yes, wud it look different on me?? :O )

Musical(hostel mates, thanks for that BESUREE award!)

Glamorous(Mom, heard that?now stop harassing me. i look fine!!)

Eccentric( its normal for one to drink coffee only from a particular mug?and water. and juice.)

Rebellious and unpredictable(all these sound like fart, so i broke the mug. )



Rudra said...

aquarian rocks. :P

Ramanathan Kannan said...

The aquarian and the capricorn in me are killing each other. What am I supposed to do ? Never be born on the cusp...