Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Take care of ur laptops..

See friends, am not the kind too give out gizmo advices. i dont think myself to be a know-it-all in that area.
Once, while reading RD aka readers digest, i came across this little notes to watch out if u own a laptop. I read it and saw serious flaws in my part in handling of my machine(!) and thought of sharing it.
Those who take care of their laps like their serious appendages[;)] and those who subscribe to RD skip this ok?
So, putting on my Gyan Guru Jacket, here i Go....

1.Buy an external mouse. (And considering the frequency with which i break it, 10 will make a good stock)
2.When you close the Lap, put a soft cloth over keypad. (when they say SOFT, go for really soft, because the US guys take softness very seriously!)
3.Laptop cooler(whoa! What the eff is this?? Dont they know how i got one, and now i need to buy a COOLER? 'i' dont have a cooler!!! 
4.Shut down it after use. Do not travel while in sleep. ( this one is a genuine request.)
5.Clean it periodically.( You should try it too :D)
6.Switch bluetooth off while not in use.

As much silly it may sound, please do it, cuz they make earth a happy place to live in!

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