Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Miss. Amoeba, 25, single and ready for binary fission!

I am tired of being single. People are kinder towards murderers.. especially in small towns.. And what happens to those who used to hang out with you after their marriage? :X
So, In my next life, am gonna be an Amoeba.. So that, when ever i feel lonely, i can just do a binary fission and create a brand new person for me! Then i would never be lonely! and, does amoebas bother each other with silly questions? :O Nay, i don't think so.


Nikita said...

Well... it's all because of that number.... 25!! I guess it's the worst age for a woman, especially when she is single.
Yet, it's better to be single than be in a bad relationship. I can say that... because till six months ago... I wasn't so single. However, I am glad that hell is over now.
Marry late but marry a nice guy... till then enjoy the single status... don't get into any other relationships.

deeps said...

Knowingly or Unknowingly some people walk in2 ur life. And its ur decision who stays in and who walks out....
do you have to change yourself then?

phatichar said...

Happens..but don't sure you'll get amoebic solutions soon.. take care.

small_town girl said...

@nikita- i will. thanx!

no i dont, i suppose.

@phatichar-yup..thinking with my amoebic DNA!

youngmonkey said...

Amoebae have their own share of issues, mostly 'which-organ-is-which-kinds'. Consider this: You, an amoeba, are eating. Then you decide to walk. Your mouth's your feet now. Besides, being at the lowest, most negligible end of the food chain, what will you eat? No fission without food!
What does an amoeba eat anyway?

Never get into a realtionship cos you are lonely. The only reason to tolerate someone in your bed can be you wanting him around.

Keep rocking,
P.S. I'm a lurker-nobody you know. Friday nights are lonely!