Monday, September 29, 2008

Ah Men Are Not From Mars, Can Be From HELL Or Any Other Place Worse Than That! [Harbouring A Strong Sence Of Feminism Now.]

My goodness! Managing work, studies and blogging is tough. How do people do that?? Someone experienced, tell me!! 

The last post was all crap talk on my so called LURVE!! Well, as always, it didn’t worked for me and I am out of it and functional as fast as a bullet train. Man, I am so cheap! I guess time is a guilty party here as I don’t get much to be mushy n moody. Well, my "old" lover is an old tale now, and we went on to became very good friends, more so with his wife (girl friend actually, but he said wife first as he knew about India and the small towns). 


This post am dedicating to social issues. Not HUGE ones, but small, like manners and being a good citizen.


Today morning, to get to my work place before 9am, I had to catch a direct bus at 6.45 am. As I only reached the bus station at 7 ( I was never a morning person, never will be!), I missed it. The next bus I wasn’t so sure about, so I caught a short distance one, which would get me to a township from where I can get a straight one. This was a 20 minutes journey, and as it was Monday and morning, bus(karnikaa KL 10 AA 5250)  was relatively full. I saw a row of 3 seats reserved for ladies occupied by a lady, her hubby, a child and an aged man who can be a parent of either one (who cares!). So I politely (I am usually not so polite in early mornings, today I was!) asked him to please give me and a senior lady the seat. The guy started talking n playing with his son, the elder man started staring ahead and the lady, was so attracted to the scenery (yeah, right) on roadside. So i waited patiently till the conductor came to me, and asked him if it was possible that he can get me these seats. Then he said its ok and in a hurry, went to the back of bus (it was a feat, considering the crowd) all the while pretending to write tickets. And he totally ignored me. I started seeing red and once again asked them to stand up (this time, I tell you, I wasn’t so nice). Then also they ignored me and when i persisted, they told me that the conductor got them those seats and promised them that they will be seated till the end. By this time, i was nearing the end of my journey and i still had all mind to call highway police [9846100100] and get the conductor in some serious trouble. I  so wanted to. But i had to reach work place at 9, so it was quite impossible if ran after this. I know i should have done something. I cannot make such idiotic excuses and let people get away with crimes. Still I haven’t forgiven myself. And next time, am gonna do it, even if that’s the last thing i would do in my life.

What i wanted to say was that, don’t we have any custom and manners any more? When we were younger, did our mothers (or someone) taught us what we should do and shouldn’t do in life? Simple things like 'do not throw waste in road' to sacrificial things like 'leave your seat for old, pregnant and ladies carrying children'. Do men these days don’t know how to respect woman, or be a good citizen or to help a weaker person or just abide a bloody law?

 What i was so sad about was that, they had a boy aged 4 or 5 with them. What sort of example does his father sets for him? When he grows up, will he feel guilty when he sits in a seat and an elderly man stands? I bet he wouldn’t.

I hate to see men like that. That’s the only time i feel the adrenaline release in my blood. I am so glad that my brother does all that s good. The one important thing i would certainly want from my future soul mate is to be respectful to fellow citizen and have some decency in life. I swear i cannot respect a man without that quality! Never!!

This is a pic i clicked on the bus. You can see the "ladies" mark and you can see that I’ve to be standing to manage such a photo!

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