Saturday, December 20, 2008

A poem.

You’ve pierced my heart and left me to die
I sit all alone and wonder why
It’s hard to go on without a heart
It was your razorblade words that tore it apart
Scribbling down sentences to describe how I feel
Nothing I write can feel this real
The mirror reflects a pain that will never fade
I’m trapped in a mess that I’ve made
Duct taping broken pieces that fit into place
Mascara running down my face
At a frantic pace my fingers missed
A lose piece fell and slit my wrist
Just enough to see a peek of red
The way this night ended I’d rather be dead
-- Sad Girl by ~AkikoWeasley

the poem illiterate in me loved this one. less complex may be. my bestest online friend Rude Boy aka Rudra [with whom i have been talking daily for about 3 months. yes, daily. dont get any ideas, he is most likely the only online boy i have been this close with, yet never been hots for...and nithin too, but he was 14.] thinks that this poem is kinda absurd and too sad. He writes poems, so i sorta believe him. but, i LOVE this one. really. May be, just may be, i am A SAD GIRL.

1 comment:

Rudra said...

you are not sad.

you are gifted.

god bless