Monday, October 13, 2008

Girlfriends and the ways to lose 'em

How is it possible for people to change their nature so randomly after marriage? I am talking about girls. I dunno if boys are the same way or not, its just that i don't have boyfriends (boy-less, friend-more) who are married. I being the unmarried one who have seen a LOT of friends getting married, and been the bridesmaid to a lot (literally, maid.), i know what i am talking about. 

Those girls, brilliant, smart, strong willed, self sufficient, cool, funny... there are so many definitions which fit each one of them, who got married and changed so much so fast.. i was mesmerised at first. Now a days i expect it. 

There was our stubborn little Sishu, who never listened to anyone and got sad mad and happy with the littlest provocations, is now a mother, and has to cater to a husband who is so demanding, even she, a very fast and functional girl, cant satisfy.[ I, now a days don't call Sishu at all. All i need is the fond thoughts of a silly friend who came running to me and Di for some chatting and to vent her absurd thoughts. I am happy with the old sishu.]

Then there was Nisha, who was so fond me and Di, it drove us crazy, who sit with us for 1 whole year, who scared us to death my proclaiming she wants to share a room with us, for whom i transformed to a bridal beautician for a night, is not even sending me occasional SMS. I earlier thought it would be good riddance, but, no, it hurts in some degrees.

Then there is F, with whom we[me n Di] were SO attached, with whom we had meals 3 times a day, who changed rooms to be near us, who asked for my advise on anything and everything, is not even invited to Di's wedding.

There is Fiza, who was a strong female, who never listened to boys, she started wearing purdah after marriage as her husband liked it.

Sony, who used to make fun of every married girls who used to skip college functions or works failed to turn up at our convocation. CONVOCATION!!! yet i would say she is the least changed of them all.

And Sruthi, who used to missed call me 3 times a day even also i hated missed calls and never called her back, not anymore!! none!!

there are girls who are less changed and more changed. but the change is inevitable. 
Am more afraid these days as Di is getting married in two weeks and i am terrified.
i can live without the rest, but i don't know about her.
i feel like joey in the last season of friends. Life is changing, yet i dont want it to. and its unchangable.


Mystique Wanderer said...

i guess the lil missies who get married...have a lot of new going ons for them...especially if its an arranged thingy...

though i wonder...dont couples like to hang around...or maybe they do..its jst tht they are hanging arnd other couples...

and then quite often marriage doesnt turn out to be this start of a fun new many wud have then again...


small_town girl said...

yeah.. endless possibilities. yet the same outcome..

pseudo intellectual said...

your "about me" section could be about me, except the small city bit. hello twin :D
as for the post, i identify with it to the extent that after i changed cities for college, all my friends..mutated! lol. no other word for it. it hurt so much, but now i've learnt to move on and not mind. one has to be strong. chin up :)

Nikita said...

It's inevitable. The Married can't mix with The Singles. Even if they do it's only to talk about their spouses or kids. I sometimes wonder what went wrong with their individuality, right after marriage.
I am sure I won't ever become like that.
Gosh!!! Am I worked up or something??

small_town girl said...

@ pseudo intellectual
hi back twin.. and chin up it is.

no use getting worked up na? and dont ever change cuz you are too lovely..