Friday, October 31, 2008

Return of my jeDi!

Life is amazing.

When you think everything is finished, life stars anew..
When you give up hope and plans to turn away from a door, you hear the key turning again..

Di is trying hard to keep me in her life. I dunno how she does that in the midst of all the visits and relatives crushing her. 

And i have to confess i am totally bowled over by my Jeeju, Ray. He is terrific, yet i was always doubtful that as he is a possessive person, he might have problems with me.. No he doesnt.. Now its like gaining a new friend.. he is totally adorable..and funny

You must be wondering why i am so sensitive and crazy over a friend. Until and unless i am totally in love with her. I have to confess that if i ever, EVER consider going the other way..(here i proclaim that i am as straight as a ruler).. it will be for Di only. ( again, she too is very very straight). :p

so this is something which i hope will describe what Di is to me:
Di forever be the most wonderful person I knew. She would be the only person I loved so madly and passionately and without any reservations and conditions, till now. I loved her the same when she was smiling at me or angry and mad and spitting fire n totally scary ( oh.. she can be!). I love her for the feeling of security, the companionship, the urge to love someone she generated in me. For the pride of knowing that am above the rest because I have a best friend who will be there for me no matter what happens.  For Loving me the times wen I went completely off the hook and gone mad,like  wen I cried so much at midnight for the fathom death of Ron Weasly as told by some crazy fellow before the release of &th book, she sleepily hugged me and asked me whats wrong and comforted me even though she hated anything related to harry potter. Or for those times during nights when she was just an extension of hand away, for the days  when I used to come to class after OP and rushed to go near her. For knowing me as a mad, childish and insufferable person and accepting and loving me anyways. For the glint in her eyes which showed her love and amusement, the smile which made me realise I would have her what ever happens and the jabs in my chest when ever she tried to prove things by pinpointing it (she talks like that with everyone close to her, but to ray, she admits that she can only reach his abdomen).the trips and the food joints and the poultry we killed jointly(we were chicken addicts), the movies, calicut crown, the ice creams, pop corns,  KANK and arguments.. For changing my views in topics even without me realising it, like kuch kuch hota hai(how i hate that movie now!).. The times I told her my secrets and she told hers.. 
she fascinated me with the ways she can be serious and silly, childish and motherly, cute and smart.. 
And there was always a myrid of emotions i felt for her..
 The motherly me wanting to secure her when ever we went out ,hug her and comfort her spontaneously... the sisterly me sharing my secrets, others gossips and giggling all the time... the best friend me going out with her for food n movies and shopping,talking outside class and running to canteen for quick bites... The lover in me, hugging her without a reason and finding her cute even when she had one of those nose-itching-eyes-watering-oh-poor-me- fevers... the daughterly me who would curl near and fall asleep when she is studying and who would cry and run to her even for a small cut in hand...
there were so many moments of my life, i shared with Di and they would never have been the same without her, and my life also, wouldn't have been same without her.
So i think what i have for her is undying friendship, total adoration, and love.

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pseudo intellectual said...

you're very very lucky to have Di. cheers to you both.
(Btw, are you an Anne Shirley fan?)