Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Dry Pressed Flower which Brings Me A Spring!

Sony was my first friend at college n one of the best till now. She is more like a sister to me. Not the brightest of friendships, but rock hard, with the faint glow of trust. 
So, when we were in our 1st year at college, (that is 6 years before) she gave me this pressed flower of golden shower tree(in front of our college, there was this tree that flowered irrespective of seasons..i think she got the flower from it.God, i miss college!)
the thing was that, the gesture was so casual and irrelevant, i dont remember anything about it. she just gave me that and i put it in a book i was studying then. Somehow, for fun i think.. i put it in the 143rd page. 
The amazement started after 1 or 2 years, when i took the book again, and was quite touched when i saw the flower in there, safely resting in the 143rd page. Sony was also amazed when i showed it to her, i think. After a while i forgot it again. and though out my course, the little flower made cameo appearances.
After college, sony got married and moved to a metro, i stayed small town and single. Recently, i again took the book and saw the flower in it.. safe and beautiful. unchanged. its like my friendship with her. not much the 'lets-get-on-roof-n-shout-out-we-r-best-friends' type. the silent presence, the comfort, the trust, the confidence..
Today when i saw the flower, it felt like sony is trying to convey that if also she is not there with me, she will be there for my joys and sadness... through thick and thin, for ever. 
Miss u dear. SO much. Mmuah! And all the best with the baby. Am gonna spoil 'her' rotten!! :)

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Sony said...

da im also having its twin flower still undamaged in my A.H.Sutrastananam...really missin those days...!