Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Splendid Night Life!!

Whom ever told that the Small towns do not have a night life, should be shot at sight. [Oops.."I" said that :) ]
Well, Small Towns have a night life, you just need to come in terms with it.. For example.. tonight, after dinner at 8, I had a long chat with H on absurdities in her life for a while, then when she retired, what shall i do? Night isnt over for me. i am into night as bad as a bat. So, what did i do, Had a looong bath, then studied + watched TV (more TV n less books, as you guessed) till 2.15. When the studying got no where and the TV got rather idiotic in the lack of good programmes, i switched it off and came to my fetching room.. (fetching in the sense that i have to FETCH if i need to find something :P ) i thought of cleaning my room, so silently ran about it and cleaned the cupboards, and sweeped and all ( yeah, really!) and its only 3.15 am. Night is still young, so thought i would step into internet, peep into others lives, and develop my Gossip IQ. 
So, thus goes a typical small town night life.. Well, it certainly is Night, and Isn't this Life??
Good Night Guys..

NB: Good Bye to Dada aka Ganguly..
PPS: dad's TMT (treadmill test) tomorrow, i hope he is alright.

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