Thursday, March 12, 2009

Writers Block! So Snaching Tagged Posts :|

Seven things I plan to do before I die-
1.Find true love.
2.Buy an apartment for myself in a metro and shift there.
3.Get drunk.
4.Finish reading all books of Fyodor Dostoyevski.
5.Go on a holiday with mom and no one else.
6.Get a hickey. ;)
7.Publish a book.

Seven things I can do-
1.Make friends easily.
2.Make people laugh.
3.Recognise am dreaming while during nightmares and make myself wake up.
5.Forgive anything when the guilty party is someone dear.
6.Read a 500 page book in one day.
7.Find out hidden things. (jazoozi ;) )

Seven things I can't do-
1.Pulling off a lie.
2.Watch horror movies.
3.Drive any vehicle.
5.Fake laugh.
6.Keep away from food. And from my mobile for more than 15 minutes.
7.Sleep without listening to songs

Seven things I say the most-
2.Ha! Gotcha!
3.I was not sleeping!

Seven things I say the most on my blog-
1.RB and Di
2. :|

Seven things that attract me to the opposite sex-
2.Stylish dressing(preferably branded)
4.Ability to make me laugh.
5.Good body is a point. Even if i am as near to the saint as possible. ;)
6.Impressive knowledge in all things techno.
7.Good smell.

Seven celebrity crushes (including characters in movies)-
1. Ron Weasly-longest and strongest
2.Heath Ledger
3.Hugh Jackman
4.Tristan-from Tristan+Isolde, played by James Franco. So it goes for both
5.Danny Messer- in CSI NY, played by Carmine Giovinazzo.
6.Brett Lee
7.Will Turner aka Orlando Bloom
(I've written a full blog post about these men here)

Tagging- Everyone who LOVES their blog. Well, who doesn't??


Vishnu Gopal said...

I hope you're kidding about the first 3 and 4. Haven't got drunk!? Dostoyevsky seriously?

small_town girl said...

1.never. am sinfully innocent. :|
2.dostoyevski was a promise made in my teenages.

Vishnu Gopal said...

And Ron Weasly! Seriously, you girls are indecipherable.

Whatever happened to the non-freckled mustachioed sandalwood-pasted gentlemen all around you? ;-)

small_town girl said...

the rest of the list is full of those types.
Ron is the ultimate idea of childhood love, and am a hopeless romantic.

Bleak ! said...

ohhh i see !!!

chembz said...

heyy wat is d significance of seven here?? i mean in every 'pondering' rather confession u've made u made it 7 times... y's dat?

small_town girl said...

that was the tag..
and 7 replies.. :)