Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Attention Please..

Someone out there who reads my blog. 

Small_town Girl

Dear Reader,
I am thinking of changing the name of my blog. You know, the http:// name. So, please suggest me a good one if u can and help me.
So, seriously, i wanted this name "midnightconfessions" as i do my blogs in night( not so unusual i presume), but this person (lets play hang man. read B-T-H) stole it 3 years ago. Why i would be jealous? She was first. But she doesn't have the basic courtesy to do ONE blog post after pocketing this beautiful name! Dammit! :( 
And also what does pondering mean?

pondering - deeply or seriously thoughtful.

And do my blog look like something serious and deep? Am a shallow bitch. *sigh*
That name aside, please help me in finding something good... soon.
And don't forget me.


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