Sunday, March 08, 2009

Love Story- Part 2

Year 2006
Place- Di's college hostel.
Di hadnt seen Ray for 5 years now. Di was doing medicine and from her family contacts, she knew Ray was studying for Vet and is gonna be out of college soon. Di had moved on. New place, new life, new friends. Tons crushes and college stories later, she had no regrets in love life. None concerning Ray or the the things that didnt happen with him. Somewhere a
long, she spilled her first love's story to her best friend, who, along with others used to tease her about it. And that was all there left of Ray. An old memory which still brought a smile to her lips.
This day Sony had an exciting news to tell. Her Brother was engaged and her sis-in-law-to-be was studying in Vet College. Sony, who wanted to do Private investigation on this poor soul who was going to get the chaabi of her home, discussed this with Di's best friend, Small Town Girl(STG) and deviced a plan. Find out it en route Ray. Sony had the clearest of aims, where as STG was evil. STG, who believed in fairytales and magic, decided to play Fairy Godmother and along with Sony pestered poor Di for two days after which she relented. She called a commom friend to ask for Rays number but the call went unanswered.. Multiple times.
Its safe to say that STG was more diappointed than Di and Sony. Di once more pushed away thoughts of Ray with regret (or relief!).
Life was never going to change.
Or is it?


Al Walling said...

:) hey liked the breezyness of this post

Bleak ! said...

yeah me too :D:D:D