Thursday, March 26, 2009

FPL (Foreign Premiere League)!!!

Just when we thought the IPL couldn't suck any more, being the NRI Premiere League, John Buchanan had to go ahead and do THIS.
How can anyone think about dethroning saurav from being the captain of Kolkata Knight Riders? [The only foreign captain in IPL 2008 was Shane Warne, and he won the Cup. But think again, who else was in the damn Rajasthan Royals from India who could hold a candle to other legends like Sachin, Dravid, Ganguly etc. So it was not such a huge wonder for Shane Warne to take up the responsibility of the sinking ship and they played well because they where never under stress. Jeez they where already the lowest team, and couldn't go lower. And everyone is glad they won (&%$#@*).]
Anyways,back to THE team. Kolkata Knight Riders. I personally think the best part about IPL is the City Home Away Theme. It was really exciting. something like EPL. So how can anyone visualise cricket in Kolkata without Ganguly? He is the Icon player for some reason right? Not just because he happen to know bengali. Not just that, Saurav was the highest run getter for the team last season and that was not just because he played every match. He got wickets, was a better captain than many others and lead the sham of a team. And he was man of the match in 3 matches. Seriously, Hussey and Shoaib were the only foreign players who played decent. What was with Ponting, Gayle, Hodge and other Tom Dick and Harry's?? No one stayed whole season, no one played well, Ponting was astonishingly out of form, Gayle was noted for his viral fever and Hodge came when the tournament was in the last stages and didn't played well. Did he?
And Who the hell is John Buchanan to decide the fate of Dada? Did people came to Eden Gardens to see him smile? I have issues with Aussie coaches. They think too much, act stupid and produce sham results. Ref- Greg Chapel. Also they have serious problems with Saurav. And now this guy decides that Dada is not good enough.
And look at the proposed captains.. Gayle, Hodge, Hussey and McCullum. They aren't even the captains in their own teams. Some aren't even fixed figures on their national teams. Why is he not talking about L R Shukla? And what is with these Inexperienced foreigners. Seems our dear Buchanan is all set to migrate the team to Australian. First it was his son, then other Aussie crews and now this!!
So welcome to FPL and Queensland Knight Riders..
Sheesh!! Who would watch that?

PS- At least SRK is sensible. He knows what sells and what buffs! Even though is might be the one who harbours personal vendetta against Ganguly for not being his ambassador to the Bengal Ministry.

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