Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What Makes You Different, Makes You Beautiful..

He breezed in with the apparent ease of a autumn wind, pleasant and cool, and i didn't even noticed. Well, if i hadn't noticed, he wouldn't be here. But i failed to notice the changes at first. You know when you do not realise that you are different, but when you realise it, its actually too late to change.. Am i making sense?
So, a list of things that he makes me do.
  • I was always a night person. But i could sleep early and wake early once. He moulded me in a way that i can only sleep late and wake up late too :|
  • I avoided yahoo like plague. It was always gtalk. He made me a yahoo addict. Now i cant think about gtalk. I add everyone in YM.
  • I always liked smileys. But he made me a smiley addict. Now i think i emote like YM smileys. Which is actually cute. Like the ':-S' worried smiley..
  • He asks me to listen to absurd songs and later makes me like them.
  • He blabber about arsenal so much and instead of hating it, makes me love the club. [i still like Christiano and Manc]
  • He makes me use FB even though i don't have any friends there. :-S
  • He makes my life a living hell by switching off the phone without telling me and leaving me to worry if he is alive or under a truck. Thus he makes me realise how neurotic i am.
  • Then, he will Sms and makes me jump around with joy.
  • He makes me want to hit him and kill him one day and next day, to hug him to death.
  • He makes me feel guilty about having rice. [ i love RICE!]
  • He behaves like an annoying cry baby and still makes me wanna gather him and magically disappear every one of his worries. >:D<
  • He makes me open hidden doors inside me and pour out the biggest secrets [seriously dude, how you do that! :O ]
  • He makes me want to pray to god that he will stay single so that we would always be friends, at the same time make me pray that he would find true love and happiness. :)
  • He makes me want to give up on arguments and apologise first. [that is so out of character]
  • He does things and later makes me see those from his point of view and acquit him of all the charges. EVERY SINGLE TIME! :O
  • I empathize with a lot of people, but never worry about them. He makes me worry about him. :-S
  • The simple things he does are, he makes me laugh, cry, angry and happy.
  • And he makes me realise how beautiful and perfect life can be, even though its so incomplete and fucked up. :)
So, you wanted a post on you. :)
And this is far from complete.
Generated as a result of a job where sit in a room, alone and with nothing to do.


Bleak ! said...

I see.


small_town girl said...

why thanks??
i never wrote abt bleak!

Anonymous said...

:) great friends! way to go!

Nikita said...

Beautiful and intense feelings :)
Its been long since I visited this blog and it feels great to read your thoughts again

Bleak ! said...

I thanked on his behalf.


Kishore Choudhary said...

nice post

Rajlakshmi said...

awww... lovely post ... hope your friendship stays like this forever... :)

Disha said...

I like!
I really do :D
I love your blog :D

Bleak ! said...


small_town girl said...

@nikita- thanks. happy to see u again!
@rajlakshmi- i do hope so too
@Disha-Thanks a million! *blushes*
@Bleak- :)