Sunday, March 01, 2009

It Was So Not Me!

Usually am not the kind who advertise my foolishness. And am not THAT stupid, i tell you. You have to believe me, its truth!
 Then what happened? And Why am i writing this? Because RB n Su found this exceptionally funny funny and Aqui insisted i blog this. So here i go..

This evening, i was connecting my lap to Internet through my mobile(airtel, its so swear-able a word to me now, right next to the "F" word, but so is BSNL and their never arriving state of the art connection) so i had to put out my Memory Card, as it can slow down the connection(the customer care people comes with the weirdest of all reasons). Finally a connection was made, and i was floating through world wide web... enjoying pleasures it offer(i was simply browsing and chatting, please don't be imaginative here). So to increase my pleasure, i thought of having some chips with it. Mom had made this amazing  jack fruit chips. So i hijacked some to my room. So while chatting and eating, i had this chip which was actually straight and not salty. and quite hard too. As i have always accepted a challenge, i bit into it with all my strength. kdm...kdu...kde... Some noises from my mouth.. Horrified expression on my face.. OH MY GOD! Can it be? Can i really bite my memory stick?? Some black plastic pieces and a very mutilated gold foil came out of my mouth!
God, I have done it!
Thus I officially became a member of 'Blabbering your Blunder Club'.


Sukhdeep said...

good you posted it..
next time when i ve lays with me.. i ll make sure, my memory stick is in cupboard :)

Rudra ... said...


chembz said...

seriously..u did that?? :-0 next tym i see yu remind me to prostrate in front of yu....

Anonymous said...

OMG!! ROFL :D :D :)