Wednesday, August 27, 2008

10 Hollywood Hunks With Whom I Would Love To Get Stranded On A Lonely Island. (Now thats something am gonna dedicate my brain space for)

Like the Hollywood's 10 best on TV, let me also begin with those who didn't made into the list.

Non Hollywood guys- Rafael Nadal (that boy is a cool customer.), Brett lee( You know i luuurrrvee you right?), Prince William(he looks a ninny as he ages, yet.), many Desi cricketers esp Irfan Pathan, Yuvi etc, Shoaib Akthar(Anyone feels he is romantic?no?whats wrong with me?), Tiger Woods,Barak Obama..... I should try making a separate list!

And those who very nearly made it- Mark Ruffalo(i really love you, but not on the stranded-in-beach way, just coffee-and-conversations way), Ashton Kutcher(Fan since that 70s show,but not enough it seems), Matt Damon(good, not hot enough.), Johnny Depp (kill me! WHY he is not on the damn list?), Jack Black, Joaquin Phoenix, Jude Law, Tophar Grace, Billy Crystal(yeah i know,he is funny and i just like him.), Brendon Fehr(I was a sucker for roswell), Rupert Grint(in school, i hear), Chris Pine( you are hands down the 11th guy),Vince Vaughn, Gerard Butler.....aaaahhhh....*pulls what-all-hair-that-remains-on-skull in frustration* i should have made a 25 persons list. Sorry boys, this was a tight one.

So, here is the LIST. Not in Chronological order.

1.James Mcavoy - Blue eyes, cute yet naughty smile, sincere looks and above all, a secret corner in a library in atonement. (That was ONE hot scene.Right?)

2.Orlando Bloom- Do I need to explain? Am having severe problems in concentration. Where was I? Yeah Bloom..that Man is SMOKING HOT!
[What is the thing with English men that just do ME in?]

3.James Franco- Ah.. Tristan. He would always be Tristan to me. When he smiles, your world brightens and when he looks hurt, all you wanna do is take the pain away from those eyes.

4.Will Smith- Well, the person who defines words like "hunk" and "sexy" for me. Wouldn't it be a joy just watching him stride bare chest??
(Something wrong with my AC??Heat going way up..)

5. Hayden Christensen- One name- Anakin Skywalker. Evil has never looked this good. And then there is the boyish charm and oh-so-kissable lips.

6.Carmine Giovinazzo- Isn't he the cutest thing you ever find in a Crime Scene? This guy showed me Glasses look cool on Men.(And not just in the big-brother way.)

7.Hugh Grant- The lazy, i-don't-care attitude is kinda cool. Right guys? And Bridget Jones. And Notting Hill. The naughty and the romantic.

8.Antonio Banderas - Explanations anyone?

9.Hugh Jackman- Only he can look fierce yet full of love at the same time. Wolverine is one of my all time favorite heroes. and have you ever seen him with his kids? He looks super hot dad. And I have a thing for ahem..big boys.

10.Toby MaGuire- He looks intelligent. So he may find us a way out if necessary. Now the real reason. Anyone remember the kiss in the first spidey movie??

PS: If HEATH LEDGER was alive, i would have made this a chronological list, and HEATH would have 1st 2nd and 3rd position. I among others miss u. Love.

PPS:anyone from Bollywood?? no.... i suppose.
SRK for being in big bro category
Akshey for being what he is-terrible skirt chaser
Saif- egoistic PIG
Aamir- ditto
Ajay- Ajay who??
John- looks cant make a hunk.he is henpecked!
Sanjay- am never into ancient guys,however hot they may be(and anyone noticed that women in his life die tragic deaths?It is a real turn off.)
Abhi- henpecked
Ritesh-too skinny
Shreyas Talpade- which class beta?
Fardeen, Zayed- who cares?
Only people from bollywood i would even consider will be RAKHI SAWANT and MALLIKA SHERAWAT.Not that i am lesbo, But these women are excellent company with a taste in comedy and adventure.


guess me said...

you on a ship with these men? yeah. some wish.
ps-u lyk obama? not osama?

poor-me/പാവം-ഞാന്‍ said...

pl add those un sung heroes of all villages in India who are to be saluted for their contribution and ppl like you and me are after the hype created by commmercial world.
Pl read story of Mr.Naina
"'and he invented it'.
you have some thing to comment.

small_town girl said...

@guess me.
came through orkut?
wishes has a tendency to come true and just look like an astounded monkey when a news break out of me and any one of them.

@ poor me
read the story.
cool invention,
so should i invite him to investigate the nutmeg plants of the island?
the blogger is also a product of commercial world.

Rudra said...

How could have possinly missed out dan in ur list????

and in bollywood u missed out hrithik.... /)

anyways rest of ur list is good....
have to agree..... :P

p.s:looking forward to 10 most gorgeous woman list ...:P

small_town girl said...

by dan u mean daniel radcliffe?? i soo hate that child. that is 2 reasons na? :)
hrithik too.. until i watched jodha akbar i hated him!! inevitable as an SRK fan!
n u agree? wanna get stranded too? [:p]