Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Days :|

Year was 2002, my first year in college. I had joined in November. So was quite popular by then and having the best time ever. So around march 20, i got this call at home, from a teacher. He was also from my home town, and i knew him personally. So sir called me and told that his house warming function is on April 5 but to reduce the congestion, he is doing one batch per day, and asked me if April second was OK. I was the friend and room mate of our class rep, so i said yes. So sir asked me to organise it and call him once on the previous day.
I was quite happy to be the teacher's favourite kid, i kind of was, so i told everyone.. collected cash along with Anu, the class rep, bought the gift etc. Our seniors asked us when we are going, and we replied April 2nd. 
On the previous day, in the morning, while i was passing the corridor, my very political, but funny senior Mami called me. He asked me have we bought gifts etc. And asked whether i have called sir. I told i would call in evening. Mami told that evening, his batch is going and sir would be busy so i should call in morning. I said OK, went to class, told Anu, and as mobile phone was not a commodity then, started towards the office to call. All our seniors were out on the corridor and was grinning. I said hi to everyone and suddenly something clicked on my head.
Yes, it was APRIL FOOL :|

My April firsts are embarrassing memories which i keep locked in somewhere, but it clearly comes out and really really annoys me in a periodic basis. The thing is, i can be fooled easy, not because i am an innocent, mind you.. it is just that i forget the day, and thus never suspects anyone.
So that was the Story. My Biggest April Fools Ever.
The thing i would never get is how Mami imitated sir. because, sir's voice is his one trade mark feature. But he did, convincingly. :| And i would forever be thankful to him for breaking this before the call to sir. Or i would have been a joker in the staff rooms too :|
And throughout college on April fools  this story was remembered fondly by many and by a rather irritated by me.

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