Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Chor Machaye Shor!

The other day i was telling this hostel story to RB, and in his insistence am blogging  it. So if u found this boring, its his fault and if u found this funny.. its all ME!
Our hostel is quite a big one, hosting around 130 girls in 3 floors. (Its doesn't sound that big huh? well it has a badminton court in the middle.. ) So the  Christmas holidays of 2006, our batch, being the only batch with exams in near future was alone in hostel. Many from our batch were also at home, so the total was around 20. My room mate through college, Di, woke up at 2, and opened the door to go to bathroom which was at the end of corridor. So when she stepped into the corridor she she saw this figure running fast and hiding behind a column.. She who possess immaculate sense even in the midst of sleep, got back and bolted the room. Then i was forced to wake up. When i came to sense, she told me about the person in corridor. I the COWARD FATSO, told her to go to sleep and never to open that door again. She decided to call our neighbour, having seen my support. Rest in bullet points.
  • Di decided to call Jassy, and in the midst of calling her i reminded Di of the free Hutch sim card we had. Di changed sim after staring at me like am an alien and called Jassy. I thought i would be praised for my rational thinking in dire circumstances. But till now, people laugh about that. Why, i would never know. :|
  • Jassy and Di went out spotted the thief who ran then.. We woke up all girls, watchman(who was grumbling) and called the men's hostel.
  • Boys came faster than wind, having their Christmas wish came true, to see the inside of  ladies hostel and the girls in their night dresses :P . So the search began.
  • Before the boys came, we girls did our own search during which everyone took one fire wood for protection. Fez, for extra protection i think, took a HUGE wood, which somewhere along, fell on her leg and had to be bandaged for a week. :D
  • Boys searched every room. Either they were searched by thief or locked from outside. Finally they found a room which was locked from inside. It was our dear friend Sishu's room. Boys were sure that the thief was inside. With Sishu. So they started banging it. After 10 minuted of heavy banging and calling out, a very sleepy and disgruntled Sishu came out and voiced out 'what boys were doing in the hostel'. I think sishu's hair which will put Kankana Ranaut's hair from Gangster to shame scared the boys off and they went to search outside hostel.
  • While outside, everyone banged into one another and told the story on how close they were to catching the thief. Boys and their egos!!
  • Our friend Naz's phone was the only item which went missing, which she left in her room en route to bathrooms. We were more thankful that her izzat was safe as she was roaming in revealing clothes ;) . And some of us were wondering HOW this guy found a phone in Naz's room as her room was the messiest room in the whole hostel and that just surpasses mine.
  • Sony and Srut being the coward-est asses in hostel stayed in their room throughout it.
  • I was thanking god that my room mate spotted this guy, as, if she went out, he would have entered our room, where i would be sleeping. Unlike other rooms, where the room mates were in home during the grand theft, in ours, he would have a person ie ME! :O
  • Thus the day was all together the funniest Christmas story ever, even for Naz, whose phone wasn't that good anyways. We all remember the thief very fondly.
I am Missing college and hostel. All people involved are heavily missed and remembered.. :) where ever you all are stay safe...


Bleak ! said...

i still repeat... write a book :-P

chembz said...

incidents like des are wat keeps yu in touch wid dos days of life... cherish them... n enjoy...:)