Tuesday, March 03, 2009


When it comes to AdSense (this AdSense meaning actually having a sense to understand Ads), Dad is a pathetic weirdo. I mean, his interpretation of every ad is SO imaginative, i cant even imagine the connections that goes in his brain..

Latest example- this new vodafone ad(i couldn't find the video link to add here) where a girl is in toilet, brushing teeth in morning, she checks her weight and see that its (finally!) 55. She jumps around and vodafone's message comes saying- to call your friends and tell everyone as local call rates is now 60 ps/min.
So what is there to understand in this ad??How can anyone misinterpret this? You will see!

Now, Dad's interpretation- The girl has so much dirt in her mouth, she brushed and then when she checked weight, she is surprised.

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Sukhdeep said...

No Comments !!

chembz said...

same.... dont think i can comment...:D personally am scratchin my head... wat was dat ad about?? :P :P