Wednesday, March 25, 2009

BSNL is all you need!

Finally i was so damn happy when BSNL broadband landed home. After months of waiting and countless calls to authorities.. it came. My heart was singing actually. I couldn't stop grinning and i actually scared RB with my too cheerful mood i think. Well, i was literally jumping up and down! 
 Bsnl is likely the No.1 company in India who is not at all bothered about their customers and still survive. How this company still makes profit is a national wonder, more spectacular than the Taj, albeit the ugliness. So the boasted speed of 2 mbps super speed, bsnl is all you need was not there. So what? What if the speed is not even 1 mbps? Who wants that much? I am open to negotiations! And it was great compared to my connection. I mean, i could watch youtube! Yes, old connection was pathetic. So at the end, i was happy even though the packet was a bit wet.
Well, as the nature will have it, every good thing must come to an end. So Smalltown Girl slept with a smile at night. And restrained herself from using the net the whole day, and connected it around evening. The thing with broadband is, i don't even know what the problem is, which totally sucks. In the dial up connection, i am usually the expert and scaring the airtel customer care people was my hobby (:O). Since the broadband of bsnl has apparently no customer service, i am literally stuck. If you google for help, you would have to be an expert in the area or it would be like watching Ram Gopal Verma ki AAG. Frighteningly unfamiliar.
For a global thing, Internet is remarkably complicated and i seriously wonder how it gained this much popularity.
The worst thing is, i couldn't even connect dial up, so the frustration of venting it in blog was also diminishing. As you see currently, i am not even angry, but actually quite happy and content that at least my old dial up is working.. :D
Way to go bsnl, this is how you teach people to be patient and peaceful with life. We should introduce the system amongst Al-Qeida. Then Mr.Bin Laden and the Dalai Lama would become best friends. And world peace will be the next possible thing.


Sukhdeep said...

BSNL is quite good now in Customer Care and infact they have best of broadband services available across..
In few days.. you will fall in love wid it..!!

Vishnu Gopal said...

This is sad. You could try posting to a forum like this: with descriptions of what's happening with your modem lights (which ones blink on and off, etc.).

People should jump to help especially if you use this nick.

small_town girl said...

thanks fellas..
they came and repaired so its kind ok now.. :D
again happy! BSNL dispense happiness..

Rajlakshmi said...

ohh great... even im thinking of taking one..