Sunday, March 08, 2009

Love Story Part 3 (final part)

Part 2

Year 2006. 1 month since the last post's incident.
Place: A boys get together. @Ray's hometown.
The common friend mentions Di's inquiry to Ray. Who went all calm and asked "Oh really? Di? Huh! Ok! You have her number. I will call her if i find time." All this in the most indifferent tone he could muster being a very enthusiastic guy. All the while a very triumphant animal roared in chest awake from a long sleep. Collecting the number in a very nonchalant way, Ray walked away from the cafe with a smile.

A week later
In vet boys hostel-Ray's Room
Contemplating the decision to call Di. Calling. Cut the phone before it rings. Repeats. And finally goes to sleep.

3 days later
Di's room
Di n STG studying(Di studying and STG browsing on phone).
Suddenly Di's old 3310 went off and on answering, a very macho voice said hello and asked her if she remember an old friend. Very confused but that much sure Di answered in an unbelieving tone "Ray?". After 10 minutes, when the call is over, she looks at the very anxious looking STG, and says aloud "Yes!"

Thus began a string of conversations.
High school crushes who never talked in their time together, catching up on each other, their characters, which have changed and so unrecognisable, but still lovely and somehow understandable and lovable.
Two worlds which were different in every little thing, but despite all that colliding together and emerging as a whole new beautiful world.
Two people who loved each other so much their time together and apart, falling in love, again anew and even though they are the same, this time the love is more mature, more stable and more spicy.
Our favorite kind. ;)

End of story.

Ray proposed 23 days after the call. It took some very tactful sms and one half drunk man seriously in love.
With a very happy parents, they were wed after 2 and a half years later.


chembz said...
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chembz said...

cant express it.. but it sure did bring in me my ol forgotten Ray n Di....;)
wonderful all d three parts... :)

Rajlakshmi said...

beautifully narrated ... loved all the parts.... :)

small_town girl said...

thanks to u two.. made my day..

Bleak ! said...

Book ? anyone ?

Nikita said...

wow what a story and what narration! i want a beautiful miracle like that in my life too :)

Ramanathan Kannan said...

Something like this happened to my friend... Link: