Saturday, March 07, 2009

Love Story..Part 1 ( If This Doesn't make you go awww! nothing Will.)

True Story. All characters are living and wont die anytime soon.

HERO- we call him RAY(or RAY MACHO as he says.) He is funny, cute and very romantic.
HEROINE- Di. Obscure, cute and practical (Can be Macho. :P)

Time- 1998.
Period- after 10th class for Ray and Di
Di was overconfident that she would win the prize for the highest mark grosser in their local karayoga(something related to nairs in kerala). (she was a geek!). With expectations flying high, Di reaches the office, to be surprised to know that someone beat her to it. And that too a very cute boy who at first sight evokes curiosity in her mind.
Enter the hero, Ray, who see the girl who came close second. Not Bad, he thinks. Both politely waits for the cash prize while passing secret glances [;)]
As it turns out, they were neighbours and their parents were pretty good friends. The thing was Di moved to the place recently and they both studied in boys and girls schools which prevented any meeting.
Ray remembers that when Di left the office, he was looking out and wondering if he would see her again.

Later in same year.
Place- TKMM college, Haripad. Reception
Di along with mom, goes out to get admission for +2, or pre-degree. While walking in, see Ray coming out (Dil goes WOW! but stays as calm as a mountain). Stops to chat with Ray and Dad. Who asks something like "where are you joining for tuition?".(Way to start a conversation with your lady love!!) Parts ways again.
By kismet they join the same college, and the same tuition even.

TWO years.. same college.. same class.. same tuition.. cycling through same roads daily.. exchanging notes.. dubious staring at each other in class.. obvious flirting.. not so obvious sexual frustration.. academic phone calls.. oh-so-knowing glances from friends.. parents' teasing.. jealousy at each other's opposite sex friends.. hiding all these from the world.. even from self..

And after all these and much more, and to the wonder of friends and families of both parties, they go different ways, without saying a word to each other, to different colleges, away from home. Away from life they knew. And away from each other.

All the while burying in deepest corners of their heart, a love that they both knew would never come true.

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