Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sometimes i just wish this blog was anonymous. You know a place where i can write the deepest darkest secrets of my life, and have an opinion from someone who doesn't know me at all and won't judge me. Where i don't have to edit parts in fear that one day my brother Aqui would read this and wonder what a bitch his sister is. Well, he will wonder that now also, if he reads it. But the point is, i cant write anything too personal, as it may offend someone, i cant write too sluttish, as it may destroy me or any secrets, because, well they are secrets in big letters.
It all brings back to the the question why i started blogging. I wanted to blog from the second i knew there was a thing called online journal. And my earliest wish in teen ages was to be a writer. Am not being modest when i say i don't have the potential to be a writer. May be i have. But then again, half of the people who blogs writes better than me. How much people would be writers then? So, i think one of the best inventions in world history is blogger, making a writer of everyone who wants to be. Boring things aside, i think blogger is the only book i will ever publish in my life, writing not being my career. So when it is like my book, i want everyone whom i love to read it. So, not being able to write the darkest deepest things is a small compromise to pay when you have the love of people who know you.
Still i wish i had an anonymous blog.
Well, i can do two blogs right? ;)


Bleak ! said...

And wats the address of that one?

Anabil said...

Write more. Nice writing