Saturday, August 23, 2008

Why Stepping In To The Backyard Can Be Dangerous.

Mom's plantation for the season is SOYA. I always thought soya was a Malaysian plant. pffttt... Malaysia!!I should've known better. (And not to mention i sucked in geography and biology.) The current scenario is that, the whole backyard is a jungle. JUNGLE!!! The soya is Indian! It proved it, thank you very much.
It doesn't look good, it tastes like shit and to top it all, its so healthy and readily AVAILABLE, I have to eat it. Yeah. Just what i needed!
Mom's reaction? She looks at them like she looked at me when i won the Freedom Quiz once when i was in 4th standard!! And she also sprouts crazy ideas like taking photos and sending it to local papers! (Believe me, its huge. And scary! ) I wanted to put a picture of the whole thing in here, but i seriously think the ministry of forestry, if saw it, will take our land away!!

PS: Any one needing a tropical rain forest shooting location is perfectly welcome!

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Fictional Desi said...

i didnt know soya was indian either.
amusing post
at least as by product you'll get super healthy