Thursday, August 21, 2008

the one where i ramble about splistsvilla as my life has nothing going on.

Hei, anybody watching MTV Splitsvilla? I was in after shocks from the idiotic show what they called MTV roadies 5.0 when this one started.( I mean, I really liked Roadies 4. There the boyz were capable of doing something, and chicks had brains and beauty and knew how to use both! Where as in Rodies 5.0, boys were absolutely incapable, and girls, ah..IDIOTIC BITCHES!! Yet i watched it dutifully, and the finale proved what sort of jack asses they all wer. )

Then, after roadies, i was having this free time at saturdays 7pm,( as my family have given over that time to me due to oh-poor-girl dramas) so i started watching Splitsvilla. The show was really hyped and had too much ad publicity in the begining. i mean, who wouldnt listen if told "20 girls, 2 boys in a villa"(sounds like a 3rd class horror/sex movie right?)?

Well, so i started watching it and i hated it in the begining. As Raghu said it, it was a sexist show. I mean, am not a feminist, but ladies, don’t you have some respect for yourself? Would you jump up and down naked around egoistic big-head-boys who doesn’t even look at you, if you were to be given 5 lakhs in cash and a ticket to fame? Apparently they all were ready for it. What a bunch of idiots! And a fine example to nex gen!! I was really enraged for showing this piece of sadistic-male-chauvinism on national television.

Then intervened the devil himself, Raghu, (anyone thinks he looks like thee devil in Onida ad??) who made the show. He redefined it and so, made it more bearable. He created some competition between boys and gave the winning girl the power to choose among the boys. Thus they HAD TO behave nicely to every girl around. woohooo... and thus, the show became less about girls’ competition, and more about boys’ and more about war than that was about love.(Well, the icing in the cake was the boys not talking to each other. And men always say girls do the cat fights. Boys, you do bull fights. That is more bloody and worth watching.)

On to the locker room-


Varun is seriously addled in his brains. Insecure, over confident, thinks only of winning, not love. What is he doing in show?

Vishal-cute dimples(raise your hand if u think dimples looks cuter on boys), sensitive, sincere but more on the innocent side, thus a bit boring. So if there were two guys like him and no varun, we would have killed ourselves due to boredom.


I think its the generation. Girls are way smarter and deceptive than boys. I really respect Prianca for staying even though she doesn’t have an ounce of love for anyone else but herself.(and I think 'they' are natural. No jobs done. And fabulous.)

Heena- One word- DUMB. still heavily set on winning. If varun’s crooked-but-not-too-good brain hasn’t favored her, she would have got out before saying splits. I think he favours her coz with anyone else, he would look dumb. This girl actually has the power to make him look brilliant!!And thats saying something.

Shradha- only person there for love .Or the only person with enough brains to make the cat race not obvious. Piano player, looks sensitive, simple and sincere. (Reminds me of eM(thecompulsiveconfessor) somehow. Looks more humane like her.Thats my view only.)

So, the finale is this Saturday.. I hope Shraddha and Vishal wins and to top it with a cherry, varun gets a mouthful from anyone. ANYONE!

My favourites? Bosky and Raghu. Cool and capable. Both. I think they will get along famously!

And Rannvijay…. What a fashion sense.. then also, he would look lovely in anything. Or, out of anything.

Update 23 Aug: Shradha won the whole thing... Yey!!!...Now i hope Vishal too wins


Animesh Raj said...

so your favourites did win- i read somewhere on the internet. i saw 2-3 episodes of the "path-breaking" reality show and was stunned by its dumbness. here we had 20 desperate wannabes trying hard to woo 2 no-do-gooders! but the show has been a hit- i don't see the reason. Roadies 5 and now Splitsvilla- trust Raghu to make a winning show out of a bunch of no-hopers.

Al Walling said...

i cant stand splitsvilla.
itz crap.
at least for me.

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