Friday, August 15, 2008

Why I am most likely to die young!

  1. I am overweight. Like that’s not enough, overweight people also have more weightege in many diseases, one of which is likely to kill me. I pray it is quick!
  2. Absence of a romantic liaison is said 2 be a cause for depression and early death. So am in for a coffin again. (but everyone who is a part of couple I know suffer from moderate to severe stress. So I don't envy them. This romance is total crap. You are in it? There is a world of stress. You are not?? Again stress. isn't there a justice in the world?)
  3. My one parent is diabetic. So its 80% chance for me. My second parent too is diabetic. So its 90% chance. And obesity gives me another 90%. And my life style, is not at all supporting the cause. So altogether I have around 260 percent chance. Am soo dead!
  4. I like to get into arguments a lot. And once I start, I usually do almost everything to win it, which include shouting, storming off, throwing things etc.. So someone who happens to have a gun is most likely to shoot me.
  5. I have a drivers license but I am told I drive like I have a death wish. Not many know its because am terrified of it. So I usually don’t drive at all. So if I drive sometime, in the time of a dire need, am likely to kill myself. If also I didn’t kill myself, my dad will be killing me if I ever caused a scratch on his car. (rolling eyes)
  6. The small towns lack anything interesting. Like clubs or discos or multiplexes or malls…. There is a huge list. So if I cave in here for some more time, boredom is likely to pounce on me when I am unaware and throttle me.
  7. My dog do not like the dog biscuits. He likes tiger biscuits by Britania. Unlucky for him, I too like the same biscuits.?(many people like that biscuits!!!its cool with milk.) Sometimes, from the way he looks at me, I can tell you, he is thinking of poisoning me.
  8. And I am making this very important list when I am supposed to be studying for a test tomorrow. So my mom, if she found out, is likely to slay me on my lap. Oh! I hope my lap wouldn’t get damaged!!!

Yeah.. There is a similarity in idea with meg cabot's all American girl. Its totally intentional.


anjooran said...

Let's start arguing.
Phew!!! Only eight reasons to die.
I can find another hundreds of wonderful ideas, but not able to choose.
About the argument part. I bet you are not the lucky one to die young. And even if you die (at your 90's) the maniac list is not going to help you.

Since I don't believe in ghosts, you're not going to argue after death.(So I win always)
Live long and live happily. Happiness is around.

perplexed said...

i can relate to most of the points you made myself! ;)

But, i think i am going to live a lot longer only because i simply don't give a damn..bout anything!

See, i have a theory.. all sort of health problem comes only from one source... worrying..nothing genetic..or nothing to do with eating habits.. a healthy mind = healthy body!

and i have lived in a small village-ish town myself for 13 years of my life before i moved to bangalore!.. i hated my life there and i love it here in the city!!.. so try and get outta there!! There is so much to do than to waste life in a small town!!

PS:sorry bout the verrry long comment

silk smitha and disco shanti said...

shit......even i like tiger biscuits....they taste good when they are dipped in tea....!!
try giving ur dog the new banana flavored tiger....its like totally cool...!!!

Nikita said...

Hey I too ponder about the same thing at times. And I have very similar bullet points on my list. One that's not common between us is Suicide. Yea, I contemplate it sometimes out of sheer frustration, but then I think writing a blog and reading those of others decreases the frustration a bit.
And thanks for that comment on my blog. :-)