Friday, August 29, 2008

Off I Go...To The BEACH..

Dear friends... I got a job!!! Well, it’s not my first, yet.
The first was a small job near home, with minimal payment, which i resigned for a better job in a big town. The second one, the one for which I dropped the 1st one, was a posh one, albeit tough, but the problem started when i was told that a bond kinda thing was required of me. i wrote about it all in here. I totally flipped off and resigned and came back home. Then i was sitting home idly 6 days a week and doing a training course for my post grad on Sundays. But life is really tough when you are broke. How supportive your parents may be(they are paying for the course!), you will feel like shit when you have to get money from them for things like phone recharges or cosmetics. So i really wanted to have a job.
Let me also tell about two of my friends here. The first one is H, she is a very beautiful girl with very good heart and a little bit crooked brain(weired combination. i know!). We were friends from my 1st day at college. Even before me, she got a job at a pioneer institution. She joined and just because she was junior, she was loaded with work and then it got out of hand when she didn’t even had time for lunch, so, exactly after 1 week, she resigned and came back home. Then there is Di, she resigned her job last week (yey!! I so wanted her to drop it and do MD!). So there is 3 of us, resigning soon after joining, it was quite embarrassing. Even our moms make fun of each of us.

Then through a friend of mine (he is a friend I got through ORKUT and now I call this friend my MONSTER [.INC] as he is my consultant in professional matters), was offered this job at this beach resort. I was asked if I have any other friend who was interested in the job, so I asked H and she said yes.(Di lives far away and won’t be interested in a job that will take her away from home and her fiancé when her wedding is scheduled in October.)

We both start there this Sunday!! So we are super excited about it and we both hope we would not run back home a second time. I only saw the resort once, its super beautiful, has a beautiful beach, (me and H are both beach freaks, I more so) also has many cottages and palm trees and looks really divine. We both joined as consulting physicians, so work id moderate, so I hope we have time and energy to study. And i hope we have enough cute foreign guys to ogle at.

I will write about the resort and my life there later, and I will upload some pictures too...

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