Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The week that wasn’t.

On 28 th july, I, all ready n packed puff, left for the esteemed _______ hospital,in a big township, to assume the charge of RMO(resident medical officer). A week went in training, a fully packed skedjuel from 8am to 9pm even, during which we where prepared to be an agile worker for that hospital..all mission vision,strategies and what not else?? At the end of the week, I was told that this post is a very imp one, that of DMO(duty med officer), and it requires my entire time and effort, and its long term, so I wont be able to go for higher studies, if i get a chance. Am I hearing a "what the fuck!" from you? Well, that’s what I wanted to say! They want me to give one or two years of my life to them and they didn’t even warned me prior. I should sue them! And not to mention the job I resigned here!! The big town people are sitting just to screw you, I swear, they don’t give aa shite about you and I think I wud be very happy to be born n died and everything in between, done in a small-town.
the only thing they did was, let me loose a hefty sum on travels and shifting, loosing a job i already had, and making me restless. and so, just to spite them atleast, i am going to try my arse off for higher studies.
dear reader, wish my luck.


anjooran said...

Before wishing you good luck(always there) let me point out a few things to your notice. After finishing the blog please have a second check for spelling and grammar. You're improving. Maybe because I'm reading from the back to the front. But you can improve a lot. A lot of readers are going to follow. Are you a doctor?
Good luck is with you always.

small_town girl said...

yeah i am a doc. thanks 4 the comment and thats for the tips. i also feel i am improving. miles to go, yet!