Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Midnight rains

Midnight rains always make me sad. And, as you guessed, I am a regular late sleeper to hear it.But hearing the serene pitter-patter of rain is so romantic. If only u listen once, u will understand its difference from the day rain. Of course, day rain (in my part of world, rain is very often, seasonal, called monsoon, famously) is quite a sight and is still romantic, but it can never ever compare to the night rain.

The day rain makes you want to touch it, feel the coolness, and in a totally mad and abandoned moment, makes you want to step into rain, feeling the coolness and the excitement seep into your body and clothes, with a naughty smile.

And here is it differs from night rain. At night, wen it rains, u totally feel a whole lot, more than what you get from standing in rain, by just listening. The moment is so earthly and divine, u feel tears in eyes. It so reminds u of loneliness, (of course if you are single only), and sadness, passion, love and loss. It is a wonder all these emotions can be perceived while only listening and feeling slight coolness with closed eyes.

So, dear reader, if ever you happen to wake up to a midnight rain, just stop a moment to listen to it, open yourself to the feelings it brings, it’s a magical experience. Lose yourself in it. You will feel closer to heaven. Closer to yourself.


anjooran said...

This was wonderful. Maybe because I'm also a rain fan.

small_town girl said...
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anjooran said...

I published a few two year back and withdrew(No readers and no comments). May be let me polish it once more and publish.
I'll let you know for sure.b

Rudra said...

i usually love to go ut in rain,on the terrace specially in nite,wen u can feel the rain in ur face nothing can be more good than that! :-)