Friday, August 15, 2008

How a 1min call can work you up. Totally.

Today really early morning while I was sleeping, (does it have a filmy ring?) I got a series of missed calls from an anonymous number. (Well, it wasn’t early morning, just 7am. But in my life, 7am is too early. I am not a morning person. Now when I think about it, I am not a noon person either, especially, if I slept late. I am more of a night person, I think. Pathetic, seeing the fact that small towns don’t have late night clubs or discotheques.)

Now that I have cleared the part of me being a lie in sorta person, let me continue the story. I got this continuous string of missed calls in my cell which totally woke me up from my mindless dream-filled sleep. I thought it may be one of my friends. (But none of them usually missed-calls me when they want me to call back. And am not a lets-make-missed-call-for-fun sorta person either. All my friends knew am partially broke and but I thought may be, may be some one is in dire need of help!) so I waited for sometime, as am a blabbering idiot just out of sleep, and called back. I was welcomed by a shrieking, high pitched girl going “helloooooo”,”how are you, where are you” and a list of things my sleepy-head didn’t register. So I calmly asked who she is. Then came the next string of “didn’t you recognise me??” (Enne manasilaayilye in Malayalam.) By this time i was fully awake and I grounded out “no”. So then she asked “are you not Jeena?” I said no again. So she said, ”oh, wrong number” and then she cut the line.

Cut the line. I mean, I woke at an unnatural hour(am not exaggerating, its unnatural for me!), called this girl back thinking one of my friends is in trouble, with the little money I had in my prepaid, and I get a cut direct?? You bet I was seriously pissed off. I got so angry, I was blind and I called back. And I began by “who do you think you are? You really check out the number you choose to disturb at this..cut. I mean CUT THE LINE?? Now I started seeing red. To curb my anger I send her an sms telling her that it’s a bad manners to cut the call when she is the guilty party who caused all the hulchul.

Dear reader, do you think I was rude? May be, but I don’t like when I am forced to wake up early by people I know and causes that are absurd. But are there manners while using a phone? The new gen doesn’t seem to get it. So I will enumerate some of them.just some.

-> 1. ->Call strangers between 9am-9pm. This also includes the numbers you think you know and those friends you call after a long interval.

2. 2. ->Make sure you got whom you wanted. Introduce yourself and get one intro back.

3. 3. ->Do not begin by “tell me who I am” and “did you recognise me”. (I learned this the hard way, thanks to jay)

4. 4. ->if you have wronged someone, listen to what they have to say. Apologize thoroughly. Say your part, and if they became a pest, call in help. Eg, brother or in worse case scenario, police.

5. And never follow these when you are calling friends. But strangers are another case all together.

Later, she called me after the sms, and my anger was all cooled off, so its ok, we are ok, have a great time and bye.

You too reader, have a great time and ciao.


Nikita said...

You know something, you write really well. I read a comment from you on Abhinav Bindra's blog, found it interesting (specially the 'I get no comments on my blog' thing) and checked ur blog. I am glad I did :-)

anjooran said...

You said it right. Phone etiquette or any kind of etiquette......... We need to go a hard way to learn( or some body to teach)

Binty McShae said...

It annoys the hell out of me too... not saying you were in the right to respond like that, but I would probably have done the same!

Nidhi said...

awww. i get irritated whn the vodaphone ppl call me up for schemes.. :( stupid.
i already have activated DO not disturb yet !!!
n its pissing off whn its in roaming :(

i think u were fien to react tht way . any normal beign would react in such situation as u did