Wednesday, August 13, 2008

onto serious blogging..

I have been entertaining this idea of a serious blog for quite sometime. I even started an anonymous blog.. coz there are people whom i do not want to hurt by writing about them.Or about me. And, subconsciously, i entertained this idea of writting scandalous things as an anonymous writer. But i thinks its all bullshite and if i want to write about something, why should i do it in anyother id? i am my own person.

its my life.. its my blog..

so, friends.. family.. pardon me!!for being myself..


anjooran said...

That's you. Let more come from you.

Aneesh.C.K. said...

Why would anyone need anonymity, when one is writing about them, their life and their experiences? When you feel something, you should express it so that the world knows you better. Everyone in this virtual world should be doing this. As someone has said, a small step, but a gian leap towards trust and belief.