Wednesday, August 13, 2008

3 friends and their pg entrance results.

To begin, i would have to confess i sucked at my tests. I was awful. Totally. I admit defeat. Throw some rotten tomatoes at me..

There was this gr8 friend of mine who made into 1st 10s. I was overjoyed. I love this girl and she is a really nice person. Moreover we were bosom buddies in our 1st year of college and till last we maintained a clean contact and a more than professional friendship. After knowing the results, and living through my nightmare of a result, i called this girl who,then was out of state. I didn't got her and i called another friend who was with her, and asked him to convey my congrats. Later she came back, and its been almost a month and no contacts. Yet she calls many of my friends including my best friend. Dear ones, what should i read into this?? well, i still proclaim she is one of the nicest people i know.

Another friend of mine also made into top 20. Now this was a girl whom i knew from when we both were 11. We were together in school and later in college. In both places, we moved in different circles. We were never thick friends, just casual hi-nice dress-bye ones. But she called me to say even though i didn't saw the point in calling her. (Am not a bad person, people, after knowing the shite that i call my results, there was only little i could do.) So i was soooo happy when she called me, that also on the same day. i love her!!

And there is this another one, (real close friend of mine in early years in college, later we both bitched each other for some time and now platonic friends,) who just made it,even though she worked her arse off for this. After some 1 or 2 weeks after the results when her entry was almost confirmed, called me. after the "congrats, you made it" and "when are you joining" blah blah blah... she whined about how she should have gotten a better rank..and that too, to me, who was smashed and powdered in the same. Only she can do that. But i know her, she was always whiny to people whom she liked, so am counting myself in the list and not complaining. I like her too. She is a bit childish, but she is a good friend.
Thats 3 friends. People will always change, and you just have to accept them however way they are. And love them. All these people were an important part of my past and they would remain so.

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anjooran said...

Hi girl,
Let more and more friends come to your life. But remember that making new relationships are not very easy. Try to not lose your buddy's.