Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Friends Flings and Fucked up relationships

I don’t know what is it about me that represents a cry pillow/punch bag. This is the second time a guy friend of mine comes to me brawling about the loss of his girl friend. Both of these guys are my online friends. (What my offline friends are thinking of me? Shallow??) The first one was Ben, who is 2 years younger than me and is totally adorable. I still remember how he whined that he would never be happy again and would never get over this girl when I was trying to convince him that she is totally not worth it. And recently, even before it has been 6 months, he called me and nagged to the core with the tale of this amazing new girl he is totally in love with.(I know. Boys!!)

Yesterday, another social networking friend of mine, Jay, called me. I wasn’t expecting his call as he is out of state and jobless currently [guys.. He is not a regular loser, but a post-graduate one. actually he is cool. Its all due to the current downfall of IT industry and he is waiting for it to pick up pace]. Jay is a very jovial and funny person and whenever he calls me,we both laugh like mad from "hello" to "bye then”. Yesterday, after the introductory hello laughs, he suddenly told me that his girl friend's marriage is now fixed. (You should know that from the part of world I come from, parents arranging marriages is quite common. If you ask me, it totally sucks!) He said that they had a slightly serious monogamous fling only, and he is totally alright with the situation. Then he proceeded to tell me how cool this girl is, how cute is her smile and how used to call him to her from across the room and used to tell him "lets go n rent a room" when he is near,(thats what i call sexy!) and how it got him on fire. (Yeah right. You are totally over her. I believe you.)
Being the good friend that I am, I suggested serious bitching many a times.(i think it totally makes up for the aversion therapy.)But no, our romantic hero is not into getting-over stuff. he is cool facing it. Bullshite and foolish, i say. If u r reading this jay, take me seriously, am good at sorting others lives! Its min that i need help with.
Me thinks, his problem is that he is totally upset with his financial and career state and is over reading into this.
So I told him to move on with his life. After some more reminiscence and our usual laughs, we said "bye then" after 2 hrs.
I think I will hear about "this amazing girl whom I totally love" after 6 months. And knowing Jay, even before that.


anjooran said...

Say to Jay that "Fidelity" is the state of mind.

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