Tuesday, February 03, 2009

When you have a lot of time and apparently nothing to do, you THINK...

And ofcourse, when I say thinking, I dont mean useful or huge things, I mean silly things. And a lot of silly things.

1. Why i cant find a good man? Either a lot of men are gay, or there is a lot of girls in the world.

2. 'Ghajini' is a lift out of 'Finding nemo'. See both have a central character with Short term memory loss, and he is only remembering one person. Incidentaly i also think Dory has a huge crush on Marlin. Now, all these doesnt make much sense right? :P

3.After Dostana, why is it so tough to think that Abhishek Bachchan is actually straight! Either he is a damn good actor or the Bachchan bahu is living a marriage of convenience. I hope for the best. ;)

4.Your dog jumping around happily when you comes home doesnt necessarily mean you are a good person. Rocky, my dog, likes my dad, though the least.

5.When every other species is born with tactics to attract opposite sex, isn't it pathetic that not all humans knows how to flirt. For eg, Me. :) And i do friendship very nicely. Flirting, i cant. But isn't that a survival skill? God is so unfair at times..

Thats it.. i dun remember much.. let me think.. :P


Aneesh.C.K. said...

The 4th one is a thought provoking, and the father part made me laugh. take good care.

Rudra said...

How true :P