Friday, February 06, 2009

2 Birthdays

See I have 2 birthdays a year. Its a mallu thing(i don't know if other parts of India follow it or not.) So one of these is my Roman calender Birthday, which is on January 25(Its the best month of an year, as i told earlier). the other one is in mallu zodiac calender..which, this year was in Feb 6.
The two birthdays had very little in comparison.
the first- January 25th
The day, as it appears in orkut, is well known as my birthday among friends. I spent the wee hours in morning, from 11 to almost 3, with RudeBoy in Yahoo.. He wished me endlessly. (throughout the day..) Sony, srut,anu...everyone wished.. there was a cake, a pretty good lunch, everyone at home even though my brother forgot the present in his hostel. times with RB, orkut friends all wishing....even though i was not enthusiastic about turning 26(yeah, over the an OLD spinster now :( . if it was upto me, i would freeze my age at 23 or 24 permanently.).

the second one- February 6th
This, as it is related with mallu zodiacs, demand temple visits, no non-veg whole day and generally to be the good girl. So the day started with mom dragging me to temple at the break of dawn and with my luck, the temple was crowded..big time. i had to stand in a line for about 4 hours to get darshan. without food.. after which mom n me decides to have food.. Now, the only thing jeopardising it would be the most unlikeliest case of we forgetting the money at home. And what you think? Yes!! I had to fast for the day, which mom says, is good omen. Not for me! Food is my Good omen!! Thus the day saw me mad, sad, distraught, tired and hungry.

The only similarity was that, my best friend forgot to wish me both of these days.. No worries we are like that.. I called her to get my birthday kisses on both days. She would remind me that i too forgot hers.. Sheesh.. We are SOME friends :D