Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Spicing Up The Blog..

Since crossing the 50 posts dead line i have been thinking about changing the looks of my baby..(the blog.since its my creation and i have created pretty much nothing in my whole 26 years [:( i will never get used to 26!], this is my brain child.
So i searched for good templates all over google. Left right and central. I tell you, its a jungle out there. Especially if u would have a 2 column one. I was dead set on 3 column, and 2 templates which almost made me give up on 3 column were 

Then i found this Goddess who makes the cutest themes ever! Gisele (Isn't that a cute name!) She has the absolute cutest 3 column templates, i got this one..
How is it?? Should i change? And suggestions are welcome too.. I do think the font is quite small..
Anyone know how to edit its html?? Impart that gyan too..
So.. cheers to more cute ways of blogging!!!


Rudra ... said...

2nd one. 2nd one....ohhh please use the second one. it would suit really nice. it willl be lovely for the blog.

Ohh have i mention 2nd one is good for you :P

moon's muse said...

Hey I liked her templates too,used them some time back.You could try changing the font size in your settings tab.What exactly do you want to change in your HTML? I did try my hand with it for my present template,of course,with help from google.