Saturday, February 14, 2009

Some Thoughts On LOVE...

Valentines Day is a day designed to torment me. Period. Well, not just me, also the other single souls wandering on the face of planet. At least i am calm (may be a bit depressed) about singleton on one more valentine's day. Look at all these "Hate-Sena" people in big towns. They don't have anyone to love(or anyone loving them, for that matter), they have passed the stage depression and have started aggression. Poor Things. Someone please love those sad lost souls. :|
What ever my state of affairs is, i want love for everyone. And i am really happy that nearly all of my friends found success in love, including A. 

Some insights on love. With real life examples.

1. Love is not about gifts or dinner dates or even valentine's day. If it was, Di and Ray would be the most UNROMANCING couple of the century. I don't think they even remembers each other's birthday. But they are the most LOVING couple ever. The ones that make us believe in love.

2.Love is also about the gifts and flowers and valentine's day. Sony was in the most boring romance ever amongst my friends. I don't think they even held hands before marriage, not even once, even though they were a couple for about 2 years before the wedding. Now they are the ones shares gifts and all and its so sweet.

3. Love can be found after marriage. Srut wouldn't have had a love life to save her life. She is cute, very sweet but never had the bollocks to Date. She would have had a heart attack if any boy came up and asked her out. So it was an arranged marriage. To this serious, hot tempered, possessive, and hot guy, who I and Sony hated at first. But i would say that is one good solid marriage now, with a lot of love and a very much changed-for-the-better Srut

4.Unresponsive love destroys friendships. RB had this wonderful friendship with this girl who later rejected him because of her old issues. RB is the saddest ever.

5.Sometimes you give so much stress on friendship in relations and there is not much space left for love.

6. Love destroys the faith to love again sometimes. And we would never know whom to blame.

7.Sometimes people destroy themselves in love. Take up idiotic habits. Quite like Devdas. For love. For the Loss of love. And its the hardest to watch. 

8.Sometimes people live under a roof for 28 years and sire 3 children and never understand each other. How it is possible is a mystery. Dad still cant get Mom's jokes and Mom will never get Dad's behaviour.

9.Love never happens as 'Gratitude' or 'Pity'. They are two different emotions. Very strong. But in quite another plane.

10.Love exists in all relations. Including the one with your doggie.
I love every one of the aforementioned people. Fiercely. 
And i love being single. Its not a complete lie.



Rudra ... said...

saddest ever ? :O

RB is the coolest ever :P

Operative Knick-Knacks said...

Being single is one gift of which the true value is not realised until u aint single no more. Its a gift one likes to lose and then repents !

Shamrez Zack said...

LOVEd the post... :)

chembz said...

if you start about love der'd be lot more to write.. heck i don think blogger'll have enuf space to contain it all...