Thursday, February 19, 2009

Career Orientation or Contemplation (Sounds Real Boring I Guess)

I was not selected in the last interview i went to. It was a good job, with minimum work, good payment and a lot of free time... Yet i was the happiest when it did not happen. Mom don't know i am happy, RB is quite disappointed with me, Dad, as usual don't care, Aqui was looking forward to the pocket money, so he is not happy, Di was quite amused. (This is why i say of all the people in my life, she is the only one who gets me. Even though am not that deep.)
 This job, is what i am sure i would be doing for the rest of my life, if i lived to retirement age (which i am not sure of). Its the kind of job were you have less fun, more responsibility, were you have to order around, no co workers, just assistants, you being the in-charge. I like being in charge, but not of aging adamant people. And responsibility is not my favourite trip. :|

 But i am willing to do all these, i would have to, it is the sure shot way to live a stable life, so i will do it. All i am saying is, NOT NOW! At this point of life, i am more inclined to some fun, exercising my humanitarian nature, work with people who needs me, and a job where i can do satisfying heavy work all week and go out and have fun in weekends.

So a list of potential jobs i coveted through out my life and still want to do. I will never do these, even though i am pretty good at some of these. 

1. Event Manager- Almost convinced mom to let me try this. Then again, with a merit medicine seat, who will go for event managing. Now i wish i had pursued that. :|

2. Forensic Medicine- Long story. Short version, i faint at the smell of blood and later have weird scary dreams :|

3.Criminal Detective- Not police. something like CSI. And an expert too. Actually this is the favourite. 

4.Freelance Journalist- Nothing much tempting. but i liked that freedom.

5.Restaurant Manager- Will suite me tremendously.

6.Classical Dancer- 4 years of coaching, and nothing came of it. Not that i was too bad, but situations were not favourable, esp the boarding school i went to, which i hate with a vengeance.

7.Sales Girl in a HUGE bookstall- Dream job when i was in school. Understandable, when you love to read and don't have enough pocket money to buy fancy books on shelves.

8.Makeup Artist- Still very much aspiring for this one. Trust me, am not bad. 

9.Dog Groomer- I love dogs. :)

10.Archies/Hallmark card wordings writer- Is that a job even? I was good at that too. Years of Self made card distribution and smiling friends are a testimony.

This talk is way depressing than i imagined. :( 
Why i didn't pursue my dreams?
 I hate the middle class complex which made me do something which promised a steady income than excitement. 
Still, am pretty OK with my job. Where i get to meet people and have a chance be kind, funny and smart. Its worth it. Almost.

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This could have been written by me...