Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Life Happening in Between Meaningless Posts.

1. Rock is sick. By the way, rock is my dog. The very best GSD ever.

2.I start to understand that i repel suitors. With effort. Seems i need a therapist to work on these issues.

3. Rude Boy is busy this week. So i am free and regretting it. I started trusting him. Not the trust were you give-away-phone-number-to-strangers trust, but the trust were you start to think that this guy means what he says and he would never deceive or lie to me sort of trust. And God, what a relief is to trust the ones you hold dear!! (I am a bit of psycho. I love a lot of people and trust 3 or 4, the maximum).

4.Why people use peel-offs? I usually never use those, and the one i recently bought makes my face feel blistered and hot after the peeling. The whole time Dad stares at me ooh-aah-ing and cursing. Probably thinking that finally his girl has gone masochist.

5.When you make a habit of staying up till 4 in the morning, its actually tough to reverse the clock and sleep at 11. Pox on you RB!

6.The last Sunday, i had to attend an engagement and a seminar. Why would i miss it? Because till 5 O'clock in evening, i believed it was actually Saturday :|

7.Why i would feel all jealous and resentment towards my life when others go to foreign countries and then reject an offer to go out on less than palatable grounds? Am i scared or silly homebody?

8.Prianka Chopra going out with Gerard Butler??? X-( i started liking her recently.

9.Isn't splitsvilla couple Vishal and Shradha's new show in MTV ridiculous? i liked those two. But the show sucks. :|

10.Even though i am happy about my friends reading my blogs (and shame on those who never add comments) sometimes i feel that i would have liked this anonymous. 

11. If had anymore time and a good Internet connection(airtel should be shot dead!) i would start a book review blog. Not to develop my book review skills, but to remember those i have read and those i haven't.

11 is an odd number. But nothing more to say.
Carry on Jaani..

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