Tuesday, February 24, 2009

And the Oscar goes to...

So, the much awaited academy awards is over. Happy with the results? Almost. Slept at 1.30 dutifully to wake up early, almost slept through it, thanks to RB, who saved the day and woke me up! 

1. Heath Ledger winning the Best supporting actor was the Most Brilliant Moment in the whole day. Brought tears to my eyes.

2.Hugh Jackman was AWESOME!! Who knew the broodingly sexy wolverine could dance and joke around and still OOZE charm.

3.Everyone looked so stunning. Can't name a few best. Everyone was awesome.. As my fashion sense is not the best and i have skipped the red carpet, i need to check 'best and worst dressed' lists..

4.Indian music reaching global stage is what i like the best about 'slumdog'. The performance by AR was awesome but not the best. The Wall-E song was not even heard :D

5.Sean Penn deserved the award for Milk. I was So relieved.

6.I wanted milk to win Best Film. How ever passionate the Slumdog story is, its nothing better than a bollywood romance albeit technical perfection. I would say Hollywood people are just not used to 'our kinda' romance ;) [Di was saying that if they liked slumdog for the passionate love, Quayamat se quayamat tak would have swept oscars without doubt. She is mad.]

7.Best speeches came from Dustin Lance Black, Rezul Pookutty and Kate Winslet. (my opinion) About Rezul's speech- Ah.. how many people would go up there and thank their teachers?? only Indians can do that!

8.What ever it is, India was in centre stage, eventhough i was a british movie, for which, Danny Boyle should be thanked.

9. Rehman pretty much fucked up his speech. What can we say, he communicates better with music. And about his 1st joke of being excited and nervous as he was at his wedding, he was saying that in LA in front of people who get married at the drop of a hat and divorce even before having the wedding dinner. Bad Placement. :| How ever his speech went, you can not be more proud of him. I still think Roja, Bombay and even Delhi 6 was better than Jai Ho! O saya should have won it!

11. What a bunch of idiots our media people are? They realises Gulzar won an award hours later. Sadly even Gulzar was late in knowing that i think.

12.Oscar with RB was awesome. And later Oscar review with Di was the best. I am so glad I've friends who are intelligent, politically incorrect and has good taste.