Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Smalltown Round Up- 09

The curtains are coming down for another year.
Hmm.. 2009.
To be honest, i rather hated the whole 2009. Its more dark patches than the sunny ones.
And the sunny rays are the friends i made in this year. :)
They make life happen.

January was when rudra was dumped.
Hours spent on bitching her.
(sorry kd).
Building friendship.
Birthday-not so awesome. Missed college buddies more than anything in life.
Discontinued post grad entrance.
Worst decision in my life.

February was friendship.
(Am telling u, people can fall in friendship.
I have.
One more valentines day.
I watched TV with a vengeance.
Waste of a month in life.

March was more waste.
Ate my memory stick.
Major fights.
Major makeups too.

April feels hazy.
Like a pot-free wasted zone.
Sony gave birth to Jo. :)
Our four's first baby.

May is blank.
I was supposed to study.
But i didn't.

June i had that godforsaken exam.
Had an awesome time at Di's place.
2 days with her and H.
Old times.
FB addiction.
Started on twitter.
Life was imperfectly perfect.

July was busy.
New Job.
Twitter addiction.
Meeting all those cool people..
And life was getting so much better..

August was cute.
I was getting ahead in blog.
Farmville. :P
Pallavi and Chetan and Nabeel and Adi.

September is Onam.
Meeting Jo.
Love was seeing a kid for first time and knowing that you will love him forever.
Because you love his mother.
Life is stable.
Durga Puja.

October started with determination.
Got over Twitter.
And fickle online friends.
Met Di. More Chubby.
Loved her more. If its possible.
H is engaged.
And Love. It was. :)

November was sick.
Fever and Yellow.
Stayed home.
End of Temporary madness.
Beginning of strong fransheep.

December is happy.
Healthy and working.
New possibilities.
Lots of friends.
Still lonely at times.
The awesome awards.
Christmas cake.
Happiness :)

Bitter sweet year.
And towards the end its been sweet.
I am thankful to all of you for making the sweet memories.
Harsh ones too.
And for being there.

Now, 2010.
Hmm.. I will write about that in coming year :P
And i got a hitch that it is going to be LEGEN....
wait for it..............


gayathri... said...

too gud......a year in less than a half page written....too brief n i think nothing more is there to happen in n year....will meet new people some will fall on the way give away moments stays memories... n everything club'd we call it as Experience in lyf...There ends a year mere 365 days....

Rajlakshmi said...

seems you had a bitter sweet 2009...
wish you many new wonderful moments in the new year :)
Happy new year :)

Rudra. said...

The best thing in 2009 is you..god bless.

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