Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Rudra, Chetan Bhagat and a Parcel full of Love~ :)

The parcel came yesterday evening. It was not a surprise or anything. I had pestered him to death to send it to me. Still i was so happy when the courier people called me. Then on the way from work i collected it and smiled throughout my journey home. I couldn't wait and i opened it during the walk from the bus stop to my home(2 mins), even though i knew exactly what it had.

The book and the DVD.
The book i got him to send me with methods ranging from begging to threatening serious body harm. (True story)
The DVD, which had films of The Heath Ledger, our favorite actor.
And then the cover, where he had written my address in good handwriting. (It is good, don't argue!). I was seeing his writing for the first time other than in YM doodles. :)
And also, as he put it, loads and loads of love. :)

And he signed it Nemo. :)
What more would Dory want?

PS: I am still smiling
PPS: I am going to love this book even if this turns out to be the biggest bore since huge vegetarian dinosaurs.

Oh, Did i mentioned that Rudra Mishra is awe-quite a bit-some?
And if i talked once more about this, he is going fly down here and throttle me to silence.
Still :)

PS3- My 2 states review is here. Check out.


Rudra. said...

Welcome :p

smalltown_girl said...

@rudra- did i mentioned thats in the post?? buhahahaha!!

Umm said...
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The Dramaqueen said...

Sooooooooo aww-worthily cute!


Rajlakshmi said...

nice book it is...light novel... enjoy reading it...

Anonymous said...
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Nikita said...

Awww... cute!! I so love gifts too :D