Tuesday, December 01, 2009

~*~December Mist~*~

December is here. Its my second favorite month of the year. January only beats it because of having the privilege of being my birthday month. Still December is so divine naa. Why?

In Kerala December-January is the winter. And as much as i love my place, i miss the cold and the dew and to be very silly, the snow flakes. The winter temperature here is around 20-22 'C, so no hope of anything remotely winter-y. Still its cold and somehow serene. And romantic. I feel winters are the most romantic season. People go on and on about spring and autumn, but i am in love with winter. And monsoon. But lets go with winter now, as December is here.

In my childhood days Dad got a transfer to a hill station. First we all were very sad as he had to stay away from us, and i was already at boarding and this left mom alone with Aqui. Then during the Christmas vacation, as we all were free and Dad wasn't, we went to stay with him. And those days are more alive in my mind than the last Christmas. It was foggy, and there was slight snowing, cold beyond bearable, i slept under a heap of blankets hugging mom, and there were sweaters and heaters and campfires and books and card games by campfires... It was like i slept and lived in a dream. I used to go walking in the morning(and i never walk usually) to feel the mist and the chill on my face, the dewdrops on my hands, the uncertainty of not knowing what lies before 3 steps and the sudden happiness when someone i know just mysteriously steps out in front of me through snow.. it was my best holiday ever. And i love December for it.

Speaking of holidays, December holidays are a favorite of mine. Though onam is awesome and all, i love Christmas too. Even though mom is religious, we were brought up to accept and celebrate Christmas. And it was a break of 10 days from my god-awful boarding school and it was in my favorite season and there are cakes!! I absolutely love cakes :D ! I can write a blog post about cakes.. Hmmm.. pieces of heaven i call them :) So every Christmas, there are so many many of them. We buy a lot, we gift a lot, we get a lot, we eat a lot... and i gain a lot (of weight). :P This years Christmas is going to be extra special as i am making the cake! And remove that frown from your face guys, i bake awesome cakes :) And i will post a pic for you all!!

Then there are the cards. Ah.. I really miss Christmas card craze!! Is it me or the cards are like totally out now?? During my college days, i used to make a list on December first week-(I am not an orderly person, so a list is like my ultimate devotion) -of people i want to send card to, of people i have to, of people i should, and i used to spend all my pocket money on those. Then i would get an unexpected card from someone and i would go "damn,what will i do for money now" and grudgingly shop for them.. And there were these cute little cards our girl gang used to distribute amongst us. They were so small and so cute, with little cute messages.. i miss those girls and the cute cards. I have a huge box of cards i received during college time and many many of those are Christmas-new year ones :) This is one thing i don't like about the virtual world creeping upon us. Even with songs and animation and all, e-cards don't make me feel anything. Its not personal. It doesn't have little PS and a funny comment. It doesn't have scrawled price tag. And it doesn't have that feeling of your heart jumping when you open it. [And is it again me or did card prices like shot up in recent years? Now a days i walk in to a hallmark shop and freeze seeing the prices.] Send me card!! Its like angels in little covers!

Then December holds the birthday of the two important girls in my life. Mom and Di. So this month really breaks my bank. But i love dispensing joy, so, i don't really care. Those two evil, devilish and incomparably awesome girls gets the best. I don't really care.

The point is... through life's rushes and races, stop a moment to look at the world around you and me. And appreciate little gifts of life. Sometimes you will be amazed by the kindness nature shows us.

Adopting two lines from Lenka's The show..

It’s a joke nobody knows
They've got a ticket to that show..


Karan said...

Lovely misty dewdropish post!!
Have a lovely December :)

Rudra. said...

Stolen idea :(

Rajlakshmi said...

lovely post there... capturing the beautiful moments of december :)

smalltown_girl said...

@Karan- thank u!! u are awesome. :)

@Rudra- u said u liked dec. i said me too. and last i checked, liking dec was not copyrighted!

@Rajlakshmi- thanks yaar!! u wait, surprise coming ur way :)

Anonymous said...

December is my fav month too :) .. Christmas ,year end,get together, cool misty mornings ,holidays etc
nice post :)

Aditya said...

nice nice.

Rohit Dassani said...

I love December to...its the coldest month in Kolkata.
Cakes....truly divine stuff....that reminds me....need to try the new outlet in my office cafeteria.
Wishes from my side to you and your family.... :P

The Dramaqueen said...

I love cakes!
And Christmas!

I love everything about Christianity.. as a religion too!

P.S. Have you heard of Past Regression Therapy?

Anonymous said...

Oh, winters ARE so magical, aren't they! I agree with everything you've said about them... The coziness of the blanket included!