Friday, January 01, 2010

This year is going to be LEGENDARY!!!
(Barney Stinson, acknowledged)

Looking forward to

... meeting new friends.

... cherishing old ones.

... moments of fun and laughter and happy tears.

... exclamations and exuberance.

... craziness and closeness.

... embarrassing moments which gives others laughs.

... jokes that are corny, lame and quite laughable.

... proud moments and self assurance.

... richness and humbling moments.

... kisses from kids and elders blessings.

... hugs are holding hands and smiles that light up faces.

... pranks that went well and pranks that went all the wrong way.

... "good girl!"s and "you are so busted, young lady!"s.

... embarrassing smiles when getting gifts and ear to ear grins when giving them.

... impatient stamping of foot when its a special day and when you are so pissed off.

... winning moments and graceful loses and sore loser faces.

... unexpected smiles and whats-there-to-laugh-in-your-joke faces.

... giggling with pals over phone and code words that mean i-am-near-parents.

... nervous tensions and sigh of relief.

... nicknames and endearments and swears.

... acceptance and fame and content smiles.

... love and friendship and kinship.

...and a world of happiness.

And thats all i want.(Not too much na?)

I pray its gonna be that.
For You and Me.

Have an amazing New Year.


Rajlakshmi said...

that is such a sweet list... these are the things that actually make life beautiful... hope you get all of these :)

smalltown_girl said...

hope u too get them.. with ur fun brood :)

Otin said...

Great list and an awesome looking blog! You might like my blog or you might not? I write a lot of little fiction short stories, but a lot of the people who read my blog would probably like yours!

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

One of my to-do's for 2010 was to find face behind smalltown_girl.. and guess what? I dint take long too long.. Dedicated 3 mins and I cracked it with credentials...

Have a wonderful 2010 dear.. :D

Chetan said...

Do i need to say anything? :)

Nikita said...

Happy New Year... may you have a fabulous, rocking, spicy, sexy, exciting, and fun year.
Take Care!