Sunday, December 20, 2009

Award Shaward

I was always curious about blogger awards. I used to see those in random blogs and think about those. Mainly i thought why i never got any :P. They are cute, they show you appreciate and care, and they are absolutely free. :D
So i, your very own smalltown_girl, who never got any award, decided that i will give away blogger awards for people whom i appreciate. Every year. People whom i came to know through blog and whom i appreciate as bloggers. And this wont be given to awesome bloggers who doesn't know i exist. They don't need my award na? So, literally, t
his is for my Blog buddies!! Yay!
I thought December is the time for that, as an year is ending and we count our blessings then. And as it is the giveaway season and all. :)

So wait for it...* drum roll*...

"Smalltown_Girl's Annual Award Giveaway!!!"

Mmm, you think Christmas Eve is a good day to declare? OK, thats it. See you then.
A tradition begins :)
Its going to be LEGENDARY!!!


anix said...

lol will it have some Oscar like celebrations also... **Online** :P

Aditya said...

start start startttttttt

Anonymous said...
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