Sunday, December 06, 2009

Anthropology in Twitter- Gossiping.

Being in twitter is like being part any living community. Like a college. Or a colony. There are geeks, jocks, damsels, friendly ones, girls whom everyone likes, goodfornothings, observers, psychos, funny ones, weirdos.. just about everyone. So like every community, there are stories, gossips, random meetings, fallout's, crushes, love, hitting on girls, and guys, avoiding, friendships, new and old, sisterhood and brotherhoods, ogling, stalking... Just like any community.
I always thought twitter gossips were about celeb-tweeps . Well, i didn't knew any better. So Indian twitters mostly have gangs and cults which are interconnected. So you are friends with many, who knows other people, who knows someone else... well, no explaining needed. Exactly like how the story of Mr.Mishra's son and Mr.Yadav's daughter spotted in ice cream shop spreads.
I don't know how much of an apt candidate i am. I tweet less than normal, my twitter friendships are very less, but those i have are strong and not easily swayed. They keep me in the loop.

So, my experiments in gossips in twitter-

Me(in IM)- This ma***ne guy in twitter is spamming my pages!
AS- Mine too.
Me-Why is he spamming the timeline!! :O And with absolutely pointless stuff!
AS- Yup. True.
Me- I am unfollowing him. U do too
AS- na. I want to observe him. He tweets so much and revealing so less. I am curious.
Me- Besto with that. I am done with him.
*after some days*
Me-Whats with that psycho you were following? Any clues?
AS- Today i asked him what he is up to. Didn't went well.
Me-I saw. thats why i asked.

Me- So you and i follow only @SK mutually.
RK- Yeah.
Me- You know @SZ?
RK- I know, but i dont follow him.
Me- @PL? She is my best pal.
RK- Na. i used to, not now.
RK-No, not good tweets!
Me-Dont say that! I am very close to him!!
RK-OK, You know @M from chennai?
Me- Na. Tell me. Should i know?

Example 3
Me- Whats with @*** and @* ??
FK- They are dating.
Me-Oooh! in twitter? thats so cute!
FK- Yeah.. we get to read all the PDA!!

Example 4-
GH- @SZ and @SD have known each other for long. I think they are going to meet in person
Me- Ah,happy endings!
*2 months later*
Me to @SZ- What happened to you and @SD?
SZ- It wasnt working out. We broke up.
Me- What happened?

Example 5
Me- These negative gossips are turning my head!
PL- Dont mind it babes.
Me- But so much is going on.. whom to believe.
PL- Stay cool love :)

Sounds familiar? Yup, the same stuff Auntyjee's talk over tea party. We talk it with a coffee and a computer. And we say "ewww" to gossips. :P
Add your own gossips if you want to. Or mail them to me!

PS-The conversations are real. Though the names have been changed to protect privacy. And my life. :P

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danishctc said...

U talk behind people's back ?! :P
Wish u used real names, rest of us cld have some fun too....u know what i mean ;) :p