Sunday, December 13, 2009

Picture Perfect! (One can always hope na :P)

My brother aQQui has recently taken to photography. Well, he was always into it, and Mama, who is inhumanly besotted with him(yeah, poor me!) recently gifted him with an SLR cam. Now a days he might forget one of his kidney at home, but never leaves for anywhere without the cam and the puma bag which holds it.
In our family, i inherited all the artistically challenged genes from dad. So i have no idea about the angle or the exposure, but i am generously endowed in the curiosity department. So sometimes, on a whim, i pick up the camera(along with it a thousand instructions on how not to destroy it and occasional shouts like 'careful!' and 'watch where
you are going!') and go around the house. Then i hide whatever i took, so that aQQui wont see it and start making fun of me.(Well, as i do admit i am a loser in photography, he doesn't try so much.)
So, methinks, I, your friendly neighborhood smalltown_girl, will occasionally expose you to the horrors of my other life as a lazy and lame shutterbug. :D
Cheer up na.. I said OCCASIONALLY!! And trust me, i am not into it. :)

so here goes the first 3.. Go easy on me!

And the next would be our dog, Rocky, as he gazes at me with love and a little bit of apprehension.

I will see you wonderful people soon.. till then, enjoy the season, smile a lot and god bless!!


Aditya said...

Start a flickr account

Aditya said...

awesome pics :)

Karan said...

Was Rocky forced to pose ? :P

Nisha said...

waiting for more.........

Nikita said...

Rocky is so adorable! And ur pics are not bad at all.. try clicking more often :)

unsungpsalm said...

I'm jealous because of the Puma bag :P
A pic of that please?