Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

It was FANTABULATIC this year :D (see i discovered a new word for it!)
And all credit goes to aQQui. He was getting restless without much fab food at hotels, so he got out of his tush, cooked an awesome meal which had Fish vattichathu, Beef varutharachathu, and Chicken aQQui style.(We could not kill more animals :|) The first two would sound awesome to you if you were raised in mallu land or tasted usual mallu food.
And I made an awesome cake! As i promised! Yeah, i left the baking tray in oven in mom and aQQui's charge and went to work, but their taste in baking is kinda mediocre and they waited 30 minutes more for the cake to gain the colour of usual plum cake which was totally unnecessary and turned a bit dry, but still awesome :D ! Speaking of plum cakes, you know, in Kerala plum cake does not have plums at all. Its just dry fruits soaked in rum(Yeah baby!). This made a lot of confusion when i was searching for a recipe online. And finally i got really pissed off and did a collaboration work :P And no complaints so far!
And today, i had work(Damn it, hospitals do work on holidays x-( ) so mom packed me lunch and all, but around noon i felt like i am going crazy and on a stoke of brilliance, i left work, returned home, almost ran for a while, then when i got home, the lunch was ready and mom was dialing me to say about it and me and mom announced i am a Christmas miracle :D. i know, crazy :D. So we had a good lunch and i went back to work.
[Me: This is what i call a rich lunch.
Dad: This is what i call a poor me. :P]

Now i am super tired from all these commuting, and super sleepy, but i cant leave you guys without a big wish na? So, Amigos, A Very Merry Christmas to you all, an extra special one for Sony and to Jo, who is celebrating his first Christmas.
So, see you all soon, till then, as Tiny Tim said, God Bless Us Everyone!!


Shravan | ശ്രവണ്‍ said...

christmas greetings.. so i guess i reached one mallu's blog :)

Karan said...

Merry Xmas!!
And thanks to you doctors for working on holidays :)
cake looks edilicous :P

smalltown_girl said...

@Sravan- yup. mallu thru and thru

@Karan- Thanks :D it was delicious, i just had a piece ;)

Rudra. said...

beef :|

Merry Christmas btw :)

Sreerag said...

Keep on blogging...!!! :)
Best wishes from a brother.....!!!

Amith said...

It was really great going through your Christmas Day experience.

Seems that we have similar taste in food..I too love Beef Varutharachathu..! :-P

Meanwhile It's really a pleasure to hear that you're a mallu..Btw thanks a lot for having a look at my blog and for commenting

Amith aka FreakingProdigy