Monday, January 31, 2011

The One with the New Year Resolutions

I know! Who writes about new year resolutions on Jan 31st, right? Only the smartest person on the blogosphere!!

See, every year i take up this humongous tasks at new years. Then go on and promptly dump it the next week. So its better to see how i fared in January and then talk about them right? Right.

Also this year i decided the resolutions would be fewer and smaller to tackle. So that i wont have to embarrass myself while writing it. And make it easy on you, my lovely reader.

So, it goes like this.

1. Regain my Twitterati : I was crazy over twitter an year and half ago. Then i stopped it, mainly due to work and other life interventions. I sometimes miss the world like crazy. Where you can went your thoughts and comment on celebs on their face and mainly get information as it happens. If its happening, its in twitter, right? So i reclaimed my twitter joy and set out to find old and new friends, and just be a loud mouthed hussy.
How it went: Yay! success so far! S0 all you cute ones, get to twitter now and follow moi, the @smalltown_sree.

2. 10 a month blogging: I will blog ten posts a month, like i used to in my early days. Now, don't look so crestfallen!! Clearly, as you can see, it ain't happening. I will have to work on it next month. There goes your face again!

3. I would be happy this year: I don't know why people take up this oath. You cant remain happy or sad all the time. Life is a good mix of the two. So far, its been mixed and i hope the happiness can shadow the sadness in the days to come.

That's it!! Only 3! Doable, i hope. And i would see how it went in December. You have to stick around and see for yourself. Promise me!


purple moonbeam said...

Pinky promise!

purple moonbeam said...

since you're getting spammed now and then, maybe you should have that word verification on.