Sunday, January 02, 2011

Hello! Hi! Hola! Greetings!

Happy new Decade folks!
Who would have thought we'll be here, now, ten years ago?
Bet you didn't.

Did any of you thought you'd be here, at this place and position 10 years ago?
If you had, congrats, but i really wouldn't wanna be you.

So where was i? 10 years ago?
In a school, right after the christmas vacation.
Hating it. With the sword of 12th exam hanging upon my head.
Hopelessly in crush with guy in my class, who is married now. Not to me, thank god.
I honestly don't know what i was thinking.
When looking back, its hard to admit that we were so stupid, right?
(Remember how everyone told us how 10th exam was the most important in our life? We believed and died trying to score the best. Then when we got to 12th, they said it again. We fools believed it. After that.. entrances.. college exams.. Fool
s again.)

Well, in a broad spectrum i think, this will always be the most important decade of my life. I finished school, chose my course and college, finished it, then i entered the professional life. What can be more important?

So what you remember from last decade?

A lot of smiles and laughter.
A few tears.
Tours i loved.
Exam days i hated then and have fond memories of now.
Countless films and tv and music.
Few good people i will never forget.
A lot of ones i did and another few i wish i could.
A best friend.
One love to rule them all and one love to end them. (I am on an LoTR Movie Marathon)
Loads of Memories.

Have i changed a lot?
I think i have.
I am still socially challenged, lazy, friendly and a little crazy( i swear).

But i am not naive, romantic (in heart), simple or upbeat. Hope its all for the best.

Don't have any idea why i scribbled all these. But hey, moi blog. (Of which i am totally proud!)

Wishing you pretties Everything you need, and not all that you want, cuz you may try to take over the world. :P


Rajlakshmi said...

hiya gal :D now that you have mentioned it , the decade was really important... wish you a very happy new year :D

survivingbrain said...

I didnt notice that this was a new decade till i read this!!

happy new decade !